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WBYF 2023 Player Registration


Welcome - Please Read

Welcome to the 2023 Player Registration with White Bear Youth Football. Players must either live in or attend school in ISD 624.


Welcome to registration for our 2023 season!  


White Bear Youth Football has a strong history of fun and fair play. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 players and families said they would recommend White Bear Youth Football to a friend or family member.


Our season will run from late July (7th-8th)/early August (4th-6th) through late October/early November, with fun off-season player development opportunities throughout the Spring and Summer and many get ready for football camps at no additional cost, in July.


We are opening our registration on March 31st for the third year in a row. One of our major goals for the 2023 season and beyond is to continue to see increased participation in Youth Football. This extended lead time will allow ample time for families to sign up and plan for the season.


For the second year in a row, all players who register with White Bear Youth Football will include registration to the White Bear High School Football camp, July 17-July 19.


Regular Registration will run from March 31st - June 11th, late registration will run from June 12th-July 14th.  Important - no registrations will be allowed after July 14th.


Registration fees will be as follows:

4-6 Grade = Early Bird Registration (applied at check out) $250 from March 31st - June 11th, Late Registration of $300 from June 12th - July 14th

7-8 Grade = Early Bird Registration (applied at check out) $275 from March 31st - June 11th, Late Registration of $325 from June 12th - July 14th

Registration fees can be paid in one payment or in two 50/50 payments.  If you decide to do two 50/50 payments, the first payment is due at the time of registration, the second is due at the end of the signup period, July 14th.




2023 will mark our third year fundraising through an annual raffle.  Last year, we were able to raise significant funds for purchasing new equipment, footballs, adding goal posts to Podvin Park and player scholarships.  We will be doing the raffle again this year and families will have two options.  They can either agree to sell $100 in raffle tickets, which will be distributed before the season starts, or they can opt out of selling raffle tickets for a $75 fee, paid at registration.



If you are registering more than one player in your family this season, there is a family discount. Please reach out to Kevin Eicher for options and details. 


The policy of White Bear Youth Football is there will be no refunds if your child changes their mind once the payment is completed. PLEASE BE CERTAIN YOUR CHILD WANTS TO PLAY BEFORE COMPLETING PAYMENT. 


Lastly, please remember, players must either live in or attend school in ISD 624.


We look forward to your player being part of White Bear Youth Football!


-WBYF Board of Directors


Questions can be directed to: Kevin Eicher @ k.eicherff@gmail.com

Kevin Eicher

Phone: 612-384-6106